Above The Earth DEBUT EP

Above The Earth DEBUT EP

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We just happened to stumble across this band on our random trawl on YouTube and being fan of progressive metal, this is what we found coming out of Russia. The Debut EP of Above The Earth is quite refreshing seeing that not a lot of female vocalists work with this genre of music. Aleksandra’s angelic vocals are so mesmerizing on every track. Sure give some pop stars a run for their money 😉 Arsafes guitar skills are pretty amazing. So all in all, quite a great combination.

The production level on this EP is out there with the big names featuring some big names as featured guests. We’d like to see them live some day (if they do decide to visit South Africa). Be sure to keep up to date with them on their social network pages.

We purchase our copy of this EP and must say, it’s worth every penny. Get your copy over on their Bandcamp page



Track Listing:

Above The Earth

1. Unmasked (Intro)
2. Trapeze (feat. Jakub Zytecki)
3. You
4. Eden (feat. Aleksandra Djelmash)
5. All Our Dreams (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood)


Aleksandra Radosavljevic – Vocals
Arsafes – Guitars, Vocals
Aleksander – Bass
Alex Smirnov – Drums

Music and Lyrics by Arsafes and Aleksandra Radosavljevic
Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Arsafes (Arsafes Records, 2012)
Artwork by Gleb “Mstibog” Kirenkov

released 15 December 2012

About the Band:

Above The Earth is a metal/pop/progressive project of serbian vocalist Aleksandra Radosavljevic (ex- Destiny Potato) and russian guitarist/vocalist Arsafes (Kartikeya). They started their collaboration in January 2012 and will finished this productive year with their self-titled debut EP that is out on December 15th. The EP features some very talented and unique guest musicians from the djent scene like Jakub Zytecki (Disperse), Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery) and Aleksandra Djelmash (Destiny Potato).