March 2, 2016 All’s Fair in Love and War at the Weekly Level Up Hearthstone Monthly (Feb. Edition)

All’s Fair in Love and War at the Weekly Level Up Hearthstone Monthly (Feb. Edition)


A fun, productive and – at times – pretty intense Saturday was had by those who came down for the Weekly Level Up Hearthstone Monthly in Cape Town.

A week before the Gaming4Chairity event, and with wins counting towards WLU League standing, there was no messing around for the Hearthstone strategists. As matches continued throughout the day, a silence would fall over the room, and you could virtually hear the wheels turning, as players attempted to outwit their opponents.


DangerD has been playing semi-regularly for about six months, and managed to score his first tournament win, and was full of enthusiasm over the victory. He admitted to being a more aggro player, but also said that it’s “the thinking man’s game, because there’s lots of strategy involved”. This was his first attempt at a Tempo Mage deck, a deck which many players agree is a strong deck in the current meta due to its strength against Secret Plays, as well as other decks such as Druids, Warriors and Hunters. Being a relatively new player, he knows he’s got a long way to go in both strategy and deck building, and doesn’t shy away from taking some tips from other players, as well as twitch streamers such as Kripparrian and bmkibler , who he says provide helpful insights for the up-and-coming Hearthstone player.

While he was ultimately defeated, DangerD shows no intention of giving up on Hearthstone, even discussing which cards he had set his eye on next: Dr Boom, although incredibly versatile, remains a popular card with many Mage Deck players, providing two bots with relatively pesky Deathrattles; Ragnaros provides a player with a tankier card to soak up some front-line damage while dealing damage at the end of every turn, while Archmage Antonidas adds some extra damage to the deck with the additional Fireball spell.

They shouldn’t nerf Secret Paladin; they should just destroy it!

In contrast, WLU’s Hearthstone MVP from last month, SirJoshseppi has his eye on more Hero-focused cards, such as Lord Jaraxxus and his Hero-replacing ability, and Hero weapon-destroying Harrison Jones. This might be because SirJoshseppi said he was definitely more partial to a control play style: “it’s great fun, because you put your heart into the game, and it can be so competitive”. He knows this first-hand, being knocked out of Saturday’s Tournament by the same opponent as before. Having been defeated with his Paladin deck previously, he decided to switch it up this month to try and achieve victory with his Warlock deck.

However, it was ultimately in vain: his friendly rival (dare we call him…his ‘nemesis’?) DIB, also changed decks, putting aside his Rogue deck to beat SirJoshseppi for a second time with a Druid deck. DIB himself was eventually outmatched after an intense round of games, meeting defeat at the hands of Zaymok in one of the of semi-final rounds. He did, however, stay on to comment on the live stream of the final match, which you can check out here:


Finally, it all came down to the two players left standing: Zaymok and Apex.

With a captive audience watching, Apex went on to win 3 out of the 5 rounds, securing first place for himself in Saturday’s Tournament, and a spot in WLU League’s Top 3.

When asked about his deck, Apex said that he was pretty happy with the way it was now, his top 3 cards including: Emperor Thaurissan (no surprise there with the card’s massive damage dealing), Dr Boom and Leeroy Jenkins. Describing himself as a control player, Apex said that he tries to adjust his strategy accordingly for his opponent’s decks. His strategy clearly paid off.

As they say: to the victor go the spoils! Apex walked away with R500 in cash, as well as an awesome mini Arthas figurine, and an official Hearthstone wallet.

And since it is the Month of Love, there was no shortage of love from the WLU team, with awesome prizes being awarded to both Zaymok as the Runner-Up, and DIB in 3rd place. Zaymok scored himself this awesome Hearthstone plushie pillow, as well as R150 cash, while DIB landed himself the Harth Stonebrew Talking Bottle Opener.

Runner-Up, Zaymok (left) and Tournament Winner, Apex (right)

As it stands now, the WLU Hearthstone League is pretty close.

Inflicted and DIB are tied for 1st place with 20 points each. Saturday’s winner Apex stays ahead of SirJosheppi by just a single point with 15 to his 14, while Saturday’s runner-up, Zaymok is hot on their heels with 11 points.

One thing we can be sure of: the Hearthstone Saga will continue this weekend at Gaming4Charity, so be there to catch all the action! Check info HERE & Tickets HERE








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