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Graphite & Ink on Paper by Samuel Gomez

Large-scale graphite & ink on paper, hybrid surreal-steampunk style drawings by talented New York-based artist and designer Samuel Gomez. He drafts his narratives into

Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Kazuhiro Tsuji

Best known as a special-effects make-up artist in Hollywood, Los Angeles-based Japanese artist Kazuhiro Tsuji creates impressive hyper realistic 3-D portraits/sculptures of famous artists and figures such as Andy Warhol, Dali, and Abraham Lincoln. Employing a variety of mold making and sculpting procedures, Tsuji constructs his busts with a variety of resins, silicones and pigments. […]

VaudeVile – Contemporary Freakshow

  VaudeVile is Emanuelle Black, Eerie and Goetia.  A contemporary freakshow performance group specialising in grand feats of pain, with acts including glass walking, machete bed and bed of nails. The girls often pushing their pain boundaries by balancing, bending and standing on each other while shards of glass or machetes support their bare flesh. […]