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Firing Band Members – The Perpetual Struggle

Lineup changes suck and are something that every band has to deal with. They are the sort of thing that defines the career of a band and which can cause you no end of grief as you seek to find a way forward. A lot of bands don’t have healthy ways to deal with these […]

Managing Drug Intake, Egos and Your Band

Man drugs sure are fun aren’t they? They seem to be the backbone of the very industry that defines us, informing all sides of the music, from the luxurious backstage parties, to the creative process itself. They make us ask questions and have once in a lifetime experiences, and yet when they get out of […]

How Your Bands Name And Logo Are Hurting You

A decent chunk of my job when setting up tours is determining other bands to go out with and bands to act as local openers. This usually involves a lot of time being spent navigating various forums and databases in order to figure out which bands might be worth asking and which bands are just […]