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Junkyard Lipstick – The Butcher’s Delight EP

  Junkyard Lipstick was born in Cape Town early 2011 inspired by watching The Runnaways and ‘Why the Hell Not’ attitude. They have been playing the local club circuit ever since. Persisting through line up changes in early 2012, they finally found their own unique style and changed their focus to writing heavier and faster […]

Event Review: The 5th Annual CAPE TATTOO EXPO (Southern Ink Xposure 2013)

  The air was electric with a buzz of energy the first day of the Cape Tattoo Expo. People who we spoke to expected the first day to be a slow one but it was well received and the energy didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning. This being our first ever Tattoo […]

Above The Earth DEBUT EP

  We just happened to stumble across this band on our random trawl on YouTube and being fan of progressive metal, this is what we found coming out of Russia. The Debut EP of Above The Earth is quite refreshing seeing that not a lot of female vocalists work with this genre of music. Aleksandra’s angelic vocals are […]