E3 2015 Starting Strong!

E3 2015 Starting Strong!


Kick off of the biggest week in gaming for 2015 and Bethesda knocked it out of the park. A breakdown of highlights and the full conference at the bottom for those interested :

A new Doom which finally seems to break the “boxed” feel set by the original doom and adapted in the 2004 release of doom 3 :

Elder scrolls get a new Hearthstone-esque trading card game that was briefly teased :

Dishonored 2 gets revealed and looks like the game dishonored should have been, great trailer :

And of course, Fallout 4 looks absolutely amazing with a gameplay demo that should put the graphical concerns to rest and showcases some amazing new additions as well as old fan favourites :

If you’re interested in the full conference, here it is :

For those interested but not willing to do the effort I will be posting E3 reveals as they come.

Full Recap of Bethesda’s E3 conference will be up later today.

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