Hide Your Scars With Perfect Color Combinations

Hide Your Scars With Perfect Color Combinations

Guest Post by J Michael Taylor

Tattooing is one of the latest trends famous in every corner of this world. People are always looking for the best designs to get tattooed. Latest trends reveal that people are now thinking about tattooing over scars and the most obvious question in every mind is “Can You Tattoo Over Scar Tissue?” The answer depends upon the type of scar you have on your body and condition of the tissue associated to it.

Here are some facts about tattooing over scars, as it is used due to a large variety of logics:

  • It is preferred to conceal scar marks with beautiful color, design, shape and placement.
  • Generating an attractive artwork to oppose a very painful incident.
  • Helping people who have suffered, in celebrating life, health and survival.
  • It helps people to reclaim their body after some injury or illness.
  • It’s a wonderful way of adding delicacy to your body after a mastectomy operation.

Limits of over scar Tattooing:

  • It’s not able to change the appearance of scars.
  • Tattoos are not able to erase the scar mark.
  • If you are tattooing over scar and scratch marks, the skin will not be able to hold actual color at once and may demand a second session.

Tattooing over scratch marks is also very popular and artists have many amazing designs for this particular area that hide scratch marks completely but the process demands a little care. After you tattoo over scratch marks, it’s preferable to use good quality preventive creams on this particular area to avoid any risks. It’s important to drink plenty of water and develop healthy eating routines because you’ve tattooed a delicate area and your body may need more energy for the healing process. Tattoo artists always have huge collections of designs and color combinations, being specialists in that particular field they can guide you better.

Here are some guidelines for scar tattooing:

  • It’s good to tattoo over a scar only after it heals completely, it is important as per medical reports, and tattooing experts also say that an older scar can easily take colors more so than new scars.
  • Scar tissues are more sensitive than regular skin so fresh scars must be avoided from tattooing.
  • Infected scars should not be tattooed.

The emerging techniques of tattooing over scars and scratches gives you a better solution to get rid of these painful marks.


This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery, a St. Pete Tattoo Shop .

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