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Stage 3 Gerber baby foods are the last step before your baby can graduate to ordinary table food. Stage 3 foods often have more than one food mixed together–and while they are partially strained, they also have small, tender chunks of food in them. The jars are also larger than Stage 2 food jars, to accommodate your baby’s growing appetite. Remember to check with your pediatrician regarding your baby’s readiness to begin solid foods and discuss any foods that may have an allergy risk for your child. Besides the satisfying feeling of feeding your baby a home cooked meal, making your own baby food is extremely economical.

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  • When you introduce, you can offer as plain prunes puree and then gradually shift to mashed prunes and give as a finger food by cutting into tiny pieces around 8 months.
  • Use vegetables and fruit within three months; meat, fish, and chicken within eight weeks.
  • Building the best resource for those looking for the best in non-toxic, safe and organic products for you, your family and your home.
  • We started by introducing one new food at a time, making sure there are no allergies, then zing a new food every 2 days.
  • HiPP Bio formulas are made from premium-quality milk that is produced according to the highest European organic standards from happy, free-range cows.
  • It’s also important to make sure you’re feeding Baby a variety of foods.

If you have an overwhelming week and get behind on making baby food at home, there are several nutritious pre-made baby food options that you can keep toddler toys on hand. Plus, most options have a long shelf-life and can sit in the pantry as a back-up in case you need it. Check out our list of GH Nutrition Lab-approved organic baby food brands.

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Most parents start by offering single-grain cereals like rice or oatmeal but if you want to start with pears, avocados, or carrots, this is fine too. If you have a family history of allergies you may want to avoid introducing foods that might cause an allergic reaction until your baby is over a year old. Making the leap from breast milk or formula to solids and then eventually to table food is an exciting time.

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I such as to slip fresh spinach into all sorts of recipes since it has such a moderate taste. With easy, uncomplicated instructions and minimum use of cooking area devices, your children are going to love the cooking area. At the end of his/her first year , your child can now eat what you eat. In this stage, a child’s digestive system is developed enough to handle most adult meals. It is important to begin with small amounts and increase progressively. You can even add some breast milk to your baby’s oats to improve palatability and stimulate your child’s appetite.

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Whether it is store-bought baby food or well-cooked homemade baby food, your toddler deserves nothing but the best. Give your little one a nutritious start to the day by choosing baby food like oatmeal cereal with the goodness of fruit like apple and banana. Worried about providing ample nutrition to your infant during lunchtime? Go for healthy vegetable puree pouches that are not only easy to use but are also packed with the goodness of greens.

But by ages 4 months to 6 months, most babies are ready to begin eating solid foods as a complement to breast-feeding or formula-feeding. As you help your baby make the transition from breast milk to solid food, it is important to start simple, start small, and increase progressively. Once your little one is about 9 months old, you can expect that he/she would have around 3 meals a day. This is important to keep up with the massive physical and mental changes that occur in this period.

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In addition to continuing breast milk, some foods that may help relieve your little one’s digestive discomfort include all of the “P” fruits. There isn’t really a perfect first food — the choice is yours! Some good places to start include infant cereal , meat purées such as chicken or turkey, or single ingredient purées of fruits or veggies.

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I can’t think of any other reasons why you might be doing it other than cultural reasons, but again I implore you to consider the baby’s health & nutrition first. Introducing a sugary food like applesauce will only get him accostomed to sweet foods. He has the rest of his childhood to discover what a sugar high feels like! Sorry to be so preachy about this but I think it is unnecessary & irresponsible, despite the few people who claim to have done it with no ill effects.

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