January 7, 2015 Interview with Ria Fend

Interview with Ria Fend

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All Image Credits:

Model: Ria Fend
Photographer: Doll House Photography
MUAH: Zanett Make Up Artist
Latex: Breathless UK Latex
Shoes: Bordello Shoes

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with us. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My name is Ria Fend. I’m a 5 ft 11″ leggy, blonde pin-up and alternative model based in London, England, in the UK. I grew up in Manchester, in the North West of England. I’m a tall girl who doesn’t need to wear killer heels to add to my height, but I love my shoe collection and I stand at 6 ft 4″ in stilettos when I do wear them. I was told as I was growing up that I would make a great model or basketball player. I have never played basketball. I love heavy metal, rock, horror, zombies and especially being a extra in horror films, in which I have added three to my resume so far. I am a self confessed gym junkie. My model pseudo name was born from my previous history of being a hard-hitting roller derby girl for a British team called Rainy City Roller Girls, of Manchester, Northern England. I have modelled for brands such as Forbidden Planet, Kiss Me Deadly, Dead Threads, Black Sheep Latex, Catalyst Latex, and Dollydripp and I love lingerie, corsetry, stockings, latex, red lipstick and glamour.

I recently embarked upon a new journey performing on stage with emerging London-based heavy metal band ‘The Heretic Order’, with a fellow model and artist, as a ‘Satanic Nymph’. Our debut performance was at London’s renown venue – The Underworld, Camden Town in October. Further performances and evil will ensue. Blood will be spilled.

Tell us more about the shoot you did for your cover feature and how did it all go down? 

I wanted to shoot my Cover feature with Chrissy at Doll House Photography as I just love her work – I knew she would create something amazing! I approached her with the brief for this, my first shoot with Chrissy and my first ever Cover Shoot in print, and we were excited to come up with something new for Kultur. The stylist we had for the shoot, Zaneta Swialowska, was amazing and we ended up shooting a second cover feature on the same day which is to be revealed soon. It was a productive day with a lot of gorgeous shiny latex.

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How did you get started in modeling? 

I’m actually a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator which has meant many years working with photographers and other creatives. Often there was a need for a model for a project and I would get asked. At first I used to insist it wasn’t for me. But after being talked into it in exchange for designing a photographer’s logo I did my first real pin-up shoot which was combined with my love for the sport I was heavily involved with for three years – Roller Derby. I put the results up on Facebook, it went down well and I’d always dabbled in modelling before – Catwalk for Tony & Guy Hair shows, Bridal and Wedding Fair Catwalk shows, Product modelling for websites – so it made sense to persue it further finally. Now I wonder why I held back for so long! I was always being scouted in nightclubs or asked if I modelled and just imagined it was some kind of a ploy rather than being selected for my distinctive look.

Andrew W.K. is someone who always inspires me in terms of his positivity and the way he promotes himself and interacts with people.

Who is your role model, and why? 

When I started modelling and researching modern pin-up Sabina Kelley always stood out to me. I love her style and her work! She has been a big inspiration since the beginning of this for me. Andrew W.K. is someone who always inspires me in terms of his positivity and the way he promotes himself and interacts with people. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him and additionally bumping into him at an awards ceremony with Marky Ramone at his side and he is such an admirable, positive and upbeat person. It doesn’t get more Party than Partying with Andrew W.K.

Give us a run down as to a regular day in your life? 

I have days where I design and illustrate at the office and days where I am modelling and shooting so it depends on the day. A day designing involves commuting not far from where I live in busy Camden Town, London to central London where I spend the day working at my Mac and in meetings. A day shooting usually involves an early start, often in heated rollers with my suitcase and a train journey to somewhere in the UK. Both are equally creative and it creates a good balance for me. I have recently combined both my design and direction skills and modelling for UK Sci-Fi High Street Store Forbidden Planet, which was a very successful advertising campaign. I start or finish my day with a healthy gym session where possible and take the time to respond to messages and emails in between.

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Do you follow a fitness and beauty routine? 

Yes of course! I feel you must look after yourself to be a successful model. There’s a lot of competition. My beauty routine is fairly simple. I keep my hair conditioned and looking as thick and healthy as possible and the colour looking great for shoots. I use a simple facewash and moisturize. I keep my eyebrows and nails shaped and neat. My main focus in looking after my body is fitness. I have a good solid gym routine with a balance of cardio and strength training. I cut down alcohol as much as possible, drink Green Tea daily and stick to a healthy, unprocessed diet in the week allowing treats and cheat meals at weekends or for special occasions.

What shall we expect to see from you in the near future? 

2015 will bring a big festival performance with The Heretic Order on Sunday 15th March at Hammerfest in Prestatyn, Wales, two niche fetish publications and published work in books in America, a dark tribute to a well known artist, some new work with a British brewery, a trip to New York City, possibly some more work with Forbidden Planet and further paintings being planned by Andy Hosegood. I’m hoping to travel further afield for my modelling in the future.

Any advice you would like to give for young aspiring models? 

Go at your own pace, work with people who are recommended and who you feel comfortable with and never be pushed to do something you aren’t sure about especially where levels are concerned. Networking is key. Accept that people will compliment and criticize if your work is in the public domain, but try not to take it personally. As Dita Von Teese so rightly says ‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches.’ If you want to be successful in anything, you should be persistent. Oh and… Squat, squat, squat!

Thank you once again. Any last words you would like to say to our readers?

I appreciate support and comments from all of my followers across my social media. It really keeps me pushing this further! May there be many more cover features to follow this. You can follow me – Ria Fend on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RiaFendOfficial, on Twitter @Ria_Fend and Instragram at Ria_Fend for more behind the scenes shots and some exciting new developments in my work, due for release soon!

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