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Eerie Photos of an Abandoned Animal Testing Facility

About 5 years ago, the last employees that worked here left. The company was bought by a Swiss giant in the industry and they decided to move the facility. The site this facility was built on was rented, but the new owners did not renew the contract. Since then, the buildings has become derelict since […]

Eerie Photos of America’s Abandoned Asylums

  For his project Abandoned Asylums , Ottawa, Canada-based photographer Matt Van der Velde took his camera into abandoned state hospitals, asylums, and psychiatric facilities across the United States. The haunting photos show run-down locations “where countless stories and personal dramas played out behind locked doors and out of public sight,” Van der Velde says. […]

Mixing Paint and Flowers Underwater to Capture Ethereal Macro Photos

  Photographer Neal Grundy knows how to mix multiple elements to create stunning abstract work, and his recent personal project titled simply Flowers and Paint is just that. By mixing two still life staples together, he creates something eerily beautiful. Each of the 5 macro photographs in the series features a flower (or flowers) being […]