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Mixing Paint and Flowers Underwater to Capture Ethereal Macro Photos

  Photographer Neal Grundy knows how to mix multiple elements to create stunning abstract work, and his recent personal project titled simply Flowers and Paint is just that. By mixing two still life staples together, he creates something eerily beautiful. Each of the 5 macro photographs in the series features a flower (or flowers) being […]

Minimal Photos of Iconic Computers Throughout History

  Photographer James Ball (AKA. Docubyte) recently teamed up with digital retouching house INK to create some beautiful, minimalist images of 10 iconic computers throughout history. We’re talking historic machines like the IBM 1401 and Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE, highlighted for the beautiful technology they are. The series is called Guide to Computing , but […]

10 Mysterious Message in a Bottle Tattoos

Getting messages are so common nowadays as we receive them daily through our cellphones, web messengers & other gadgets. Don’t you sometimes wish it could be more thrilling? Sometimes I imagine myself staring into the vastness of the ocean, and spotting a mysterious floating bottle along the way…. like the universe itself has something to […]