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Project Skin Deep: The Tattooed Bodies Fronting The Mainstream Fashion Scene

Photographer Danny Baldwin exhibits the body art of a hundred professional tattooed models to celebrate how the fashion scene is starting to embrace self-expression and individuality of models. Skin Deep is a project started by a London-based photographer named Danny Baldwin. The main objective behind the series is for the sole purpose of illustrating the […]

16 Fun Celebrity Matching Tattoos

Just like the rest of us, celebrities also fancy getting themselves matching tattoos with their best mates! Their tattoos may not be as rad as most of ours but you gotta give it to these stars for their tight bonds and their ink thirst. Major difference we have with them is they’re just several digits […]

15 Dynamic Lizard Tattoos

Lizard tattoos are great to adorn your body, with their lively curves. More charming than snakes and crocodiles but as gorgeous as other reptiles, these animals are coveted for small tattoos. Their recognizable silhouette makes them good candidates for blackwork, tribal and minimalistic tattoos. You can pick the very little size, such as salamanders, or […]