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Skin conditions and tattoos: what you need to know.

You’re either reading this because you have a skin condition, because someone you know has one, or you just stumbled upon this post. I don’t care how you found it, but I do care if this information is known or not. Too many people are oblivious when it comes to getting tattoos already, and even […]

10 Mysterious Message in a Bottle Tattoos

Getting messages are so common nowadays as we receive them daily through our cellphones, web messengers & other gadgets. Don’t you sometimes wish it could be more thrilling? Sometimes I imagine myself staring into the vastness of the ocean, and spotting a mysterious floating bottle along the way…. like the universe itself has something to […]

Find Out Why Tattoos Are Permanent

Ever wondered what makes the tattoos we love so much stay with us, as they describe it, forever? This video briefly explains why. Reactions – Everyday Chemistry of YouTube shows us what makes a tattoo a tattoo. We usually just see how it looks, rarely ever thinking about how it manages to hold up even […]