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Tattoos Inspired by Double Exposure Photography

  We’ve seen some pretty interesting and quirky photography-themed tattoos in the past—from lens diagrams to a Canon “L” red ring tattoo . But tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov ‘s work isn’t photography-themed, it’s photography-inspired… double exposure photography-inspired to be exact. The Wroclaw, Poland-based artist takes outlines of animals, insects, feathers, and more and fills them […]

10 Things Your Tattoo Artist Wishes You Knew

 Most of us in the employ of any service position have at one time or another, experienced our ideal client.  In retail, it may have been that one woman that put all of her clothes back on the hanger before exiting the fitting room.  As a waiter, it could have been that patron who was given the […]

10 Mysterious Message in a Bottle Tattoos

Getting messages are so common nowadays as we receive them daily through our cellphones, web messengers & other gadgets. Don’t you sometimes wish it could be more thrilling? Sometimes I imagine myself staring into the vastness of the ocean, and spotting a mysterious floating bottle along the way…. like the universe itself has something to […]