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Tattoos Inspired by Double Exposure Photography

  We’ve seen some pretty interesting and quirky photography-themed tattoos in the past—from lens diagrams to a Canon “L” red ring tattoo . But tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov ‘s work isn’t photography-themed, it’s photography-inspired… double exposure photography-inspired to be exact. The Wroclaw, Poland-based artist takes outlines of animals, insects, feathers, and more and fills them […]

Skin conditions and tattoos: what you need to know.

You’re either reading this because you have a skin condition, because someone you know has one, or you just stumbled upon this post. I don’t care how you found it, but I do care if this information is known or not. Too many people are oblivious when it comes to getting tattoos already, and even […]

Golden Balls! Somebody Tattooed Their WHAT Now?!?

Because no body part is ever safe enough from the taste of tattoos. I guess it’s that time of the month again to freaky. This post just might make you hold on to your crotch. Ow! The only limit to tattoos is pretty much your imagination. Just ask this guy. Already a proud owner of […]