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In the 1890s, Mugshots Used a Mirror and Had to Show a Person’s Hands

  In 1871, the Prevention of Crimes Act made it a legal requirement that anybody who was arrested in England and Wales had to have their photograph taken—thus was born the official “mug shot”. But mug shots from the late 1800s look very different from the ones you might see today. This photograph shows a […]

Video: A Photographer Tests His Rights on the Streets of London

  Photographer Tim Berry of Practical Photography magazine recently decided to take his camera onto the streets of London, England, to exercise his rights to photograph in public places and to see how people would react to seeing a photographer at work. As you’ll see in the 13-minute video above, Berry was approached by multiple […]

UK Police Force: Taking Pics of Women Without Consent Can Be Hate Crime

  Over in the UK, a police force’s announcement this week is raising eyebrows among some photographers. In a statement regarding hate crimes against women, taking photos without permission is listed as an example. The Nottinghamshire police force published a press release on Wednesday announcing that it now recognizes the harassment of women as a […]