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Photographing an Upside-Down World Underwater

  As the years pass by, our children use the pool less and less. I needed to compensate. I have always had a fascination for concepts that make it difficult to tell up from down or make sense of gravity. This summer, I started a new series: The Underside . I recreated, just below the […]

Mixing Paint and Flowers Underwater to Capture Ethereal Macro Photos

  Photographer Neal Grundy knows how to mix multiple elements to create stunning abstract work, and his recent personal project titled simply Flowers and Paint is just that. By mixing two still life staples together, he creates something eerily beautiful. Each of the 5 macro photographs in the series features a flower (or flowers) being […]

Geometric and Surreal Aerial Photos of Swimming Pools

  The subject of German photographer Stephan Zirwes ‘ series Pools is self-explanatory. But while any straight-down, aerial images of pools captured from a helicopter might make for an interesting photo subject, Zirwes’ surreal twist to the images adds something extra. The images are real photos of real pools around southern Germany that Zirwes captured […]