Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Derek Turcotte

Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Derek Turcotte

Go psycho with bursts of colours and vivid realism with Derek Turcotte!

Derek Turcotte

Tattooing from Robertson Tattoo Company in Alberta, Canada is the man of the moment, Derek Turcotte, new school tattoo master. The


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Derek started tattooing at a fresh age of eighteen, starting a small street shop in his hometown before moving to Alberta. Back in his hometown, he studied under Cye Delaney at Diablo Tattoo. While he went on to meet more artists and got to explore even more art forms and styles in Alberta.


Personally, Derek would describe his work as realism, with elements of new school and over-exaggerated illustrative drawings. But what we need to start talking about is the colour.

Derek Turcotte


Have you seen how vibrant and alive they are? It’s as if they’re almost ready to jump out of the skin!




Your resident Marvel fan, yours truly, approves. I’m envious of this sleeve.


Derek Turcotte

The 29-year-old tattoo artist started out like any other kid who enjoyed drawing from comics and Nat Geo (that explains the way he does animal portraits so well!) And to any budding tattoo artists out there who’d like to take his cue on picking up the machine, this is what he has to say:

“I would recommend to someone interested in tattooing to fill up a bunch of sketchbooks of drawing and become comfortable with drawing, and character design and stuff before worrying about the technical side of tattooing.”

—Derek Turcotte to Tattoodo






Apart from new school and realism, he also hovers over graffiti, biomechanical, and abstract.






Looking at his artworks as a whole, I can say that Derek Turcotte is one tattoo artist who’s got the whole style palette thing going good. He developed in a way that isn’t limited to his own tastes but still managed to create something that he can call rightfully his.

Now, this is one minion tattoo we can forgive.

Now, this is one minion tattoo we can forgive.

My favourite part of being an artist is that I get to meet so many great people, and they give me the honour of creating something with my own flavour to it. —Derek Turcotte to Tattoodo



A little something for his little girl’s 2nd birthday!


Quite the family man, Derek also likes travelling with his wife and daughter; camping and exploring the world away with the two loves of his life. He also enjoys golf and snowboarding when he gets the chance. But on days when you just can’t peel him off his art, he’ll be on his workspace, painting up a storm.



As we have mentioned, Derek paints when he’s not tattooing. And man, does he paint. His poison of choice are acrylics and an airbrush.


Seeing his airbrush works made me want to get interested in picking up an airbrush again. Might be worth it, don’t you think?


Here’s my own pick, a personal favourite I’ve always admired among his works.



Derek is currently in the process of opening a shop with some friends in his hometown called “Electric Grizzly Tattoo”. They’ve started an art collective focused on constructing custom skate decks, collaborating with several other Canadian artists. Check them out, Frost Back Collective !

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