The BetaTest Collective: Welcome to the fringe

“BetaTest is not a single act, it is a collective group of like-minded Electronica Artists from the Pacific Northwest who have come together for the purpose of networking, collaboration, co-promotion and cooperative performance.
Currently consisting of core performers A.R. Mayor, Morrison’s Prophecy, Gothicello, Stranger and Audio Numeric, what began as an “Electronica Open Mic Night” has quickly taken on a life of its own, morphing into the ideal forum for performance and creativity in an environment devoid of ego and pretense where genre is irrelevant and creativity is celebrated.”

If you’re into goth/industrial/electronica, then you should check these guys out.

I had the pleasure of chatting to a couple of the guys from the “Collective” and being exposed to this group of individuals has opened my eyes to what is actually going on in the underground scene in the States. The music, the art, wow!!! I got blown away at how much the “real” world is missing out on. Most of these artists and like minded fiends and deviants (only meant in the best way possible) have come together as a group supporting each other in their artistic projects of electronica soundscapes. Based in Seattle, one would think that at first listen, you would think they were from some underground European catacombs. But to say the least, this group of individuals go against everything that is conventional in electronica today.

From what I’ve been exposed to, from what the members of the collective have shown me, it appears that there is a big steampunk/cyberpunk influence in terms of styling and general appearance, but the moment you get listening to some of their work, you’ll get blown away by the professionalism and down right down-to-earth atitude that these guys have. I’m really glad to have met these guys (not in person), and hope that we can work quite closely to bring to you (the reader), into the “Collective” and spread the word of what’s happening in the underground scene in Seattle. I’ll be reviewing one of the CDs from an artist in the “Collective” in the next issue of Kultur Magazine, so keep an eye out for the next issue.

For more information about The BetaTest Collective, check them out on

P.S.: I would like to specially thank J Anne Fullerton for introducing them to me 🙂

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