Twisted Vixens Competition Give-Away

Kultur Magazine and Sumografika have decided to give away a copy of Twisted Vixens (only 1 copy so only 1 winner).

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Twisted Vixens is a collection of photographs, illustrations and digital paintings by various artists from all over the world. Featuring busty girls, blood-drenched wenches and beautiful ladies of death. Powerful female figures, oozing sexuality and domination, brought to life by the talented artists featured in this anthology. This version of Twisted Vixens includes The Book of the Dead, featuring all kinds of beautiful creatures doing terrible terrible things. A traditional “flip-over” format, this is grindhouse. a 100% picture anthology by Sumografika who also brought you “The Powder Room” and “Anderkulture” picture books. WARNING: Contains explicit graphics, suggested for mature readers only.

How to enter to stand a chance to get this book.

1.) Like our fan page on facebook:
2.) Follow this link:
3.) Post a comment on the image saying who produced this book
4.) Get your friends to like your comment
5.) share the image with all your friends

The person with the most likes on their comment wins a copy of Twisted Vixens. Entries for this give-away ends on the 31st of May 2012 and the winner will be notified shortly after.

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A review on this book will appear in the May 2012 issue of Kultur Magazine.