Uneven Structure – Changing the face of heavy music

Uneven Structure is a progressive metal band based in Metz, France. They play a style of post-metal which is heavily influenced by Meshuggah. The band blends polyrhythmic passages and extremely low tunings with a heavily layered production style and ambient soundscapes. They are often categorized in the “djent” genre due to the Meshuggah-like guitar tone they often employ. The band was formed after the split of Longchat, a band which featured Igor Omodei and Benoit Friedrich.

The band released an EP entitled “8” in 2009, which is available as a free download in its entirety from the band’s official website. The EP is made up entirely of riffs discarded from the full length they were working on at the time (which became “Februus”) pieced together and arranged into songs. The vocals were provided by Daniel Ädel of the Swedish Djent band Vildhjarta, as current singer Matthieu Romarin had not joined the band at that time. On May 11th 2011, they signed to Basick Records.

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A truly exciting prospect for the future of heavy music, UNEVEN STRUCTURE disassemble and reconstruct the Metal genre we all know and love, by creating contemporary atmospheric movements that are all at once dripping with seductive cinematic ambience and groove-laden riffs.

Released via BASICK late 2011, the band’s debut album ‘Februus’ is a veritable triumph for deep, intelligent, forward-thinking Metal.

Album Tracklisting:

Uneven Structure – Februus (Full Length)
Release Date: October 31, 2011 – Basick Records

01. Awaken
02. Frost
03. Hail
04. Exmersion
05. Buds
06. Awe
07. Quittance
08. Limbo
09. Plenitude
10. Finale


Jérôme Colombelli – Guitars
Benoit Friedrich – Bass
Igor Omodei – Guitars
Aurélien Pereira – Guitars
Matthieu Romarin – Vocals
Jean Ferry – Drums

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